Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine

: 2020  |  Volume : 25  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 158-

Deep Water Dream

Stacy Desilets 
 Temiskaming Shores, Ontario, Canada

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MD, FCFP, FRRMS Stacy Desilets
Temiskaming Shores, Ontario

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'The issues of faith in the midst of adversity, whether professional or personal, are powerful themes in this reflective and complex memoir of joyful resilience'. Thus, begins a thought-provoking and powerful memoir from author and physician Dr. Gretchen Roedde. Readers will join Dr. Roedde as she begins her practice of Family Medicine in the rural First Nations Community of Bear Island in Temagami, Ontario. She shares her challenges both as a new physician and as a new mother. With great honesty and humility, she describes her successes and failures trying to provide care for those who have so little, herself included.

Through story-telling, readers share both her lived experiences working with marginalised and underserviced populations in the north and what she learnt about the effect of inequity on health outcomes. While there is much sadness in this book, there is also great resilience demonstrated by Gretchen, her family and friends, and the patients she treats. This resilience leaves the reader with a sense of hopefulness for true reconciliation, health, and well-being of Canada's Indigenous people.

While the book does not specify a target audience, I would recommend it to any healthcare providers who are committed to reconciliation and decolonisation of our Indigenous people, or who wish to provide care to any of the many other marginalised populations in Northern Ontario.

On a personal note, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Roedde for the last 10 years in the city of Temiskaming Shores, and yet much of what I now know about this remarkable woman's early clinical accomplishments was unknown to me, before reading this book. I believe that this reflects Gretchen's philosophy of making change for the better, without fanfare or personal recognition.

A dedicated physician, mother (now grandmother!) and teacher, Dr. Roedde does not disappoint with Deep Water Dream.

Deep Water Dream by Gretchen Roedde.

Publishers: Dundurn, Toronto

ISBN: 9781459743298

Financial support and sponsorship: Nil.

Conflicts of interest: The author is a colleague of Dr. Roedde's.